Strategic Management: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate; SABPP CPD Certified

Course code: CERT_ONLINE_STRMAN, DURATION: 10 Modules / 10 Weeks
Strategic Management: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate SABPP CPD Certified

Why are some businesses more profitable than others? And why do some companies endure sustainable profits over an extended period of time? The answer lies in the goals and objectives that an organisation pursues, and the strategies which managers develop and implement. When we assess why some companies are more successful than others, it becomes clear that it all comes down to these strategies and how the planning, implementation and control of these strategies, provide a competitive advantage relative to its competitors. This process could be seen as strategic management. This short course will assist and guide you in understanding the concept of strategic management, what it entails, and the process that effective strategic management requires. The course will not only focus on strategic management but furthermore on aspects supporting and enhancing this process. Consequently, additional matters such as strategic decision-making and competitive advantage will also be covered. Finally, we will close this course with consideration of gaining access to the international market, and how to design a strategy to enable this move.


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