Search Engine Optimisation: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate; SABPP CPD Certified

Course code: CERT_ONLINE_SEOPT, DURATION: 9 Modules / 9 Weeks
Search Engine Optimisation: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate SABPP CPD Certified

It is possible that you are interested in this course simply because you want to find out more about SEO. Or maybe you are already a web designer and realised that SEO is actually a separate field to web design, and requires special skills and knowledge. Knowledge of SEO is important since many businesses need their website(s) to rank well on search engines, to ensure many visitors and a high return on investment. Regardless of your interest and motivation, this course will expose a very interesting angle of websites and search engines to you. It will enable you to do a basic evaluation of a given website in terms of SEO.


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