Principles of Active Citizenship: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate; SABPP CPD Certified

Course code: CERT_ONLINE_ACTCIT, DURATION: 10 Modules / 10 Weeks
Principles of Active Citizenship: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate SABPP CPD Certified

A country can only run efficiently if the three major stakeholders work together: Government, business and civil society. In any community, it is important that citizens are proactive and helpful in solving problems and being solution-oriented. Currently, many communities across the world are disempowered – either by not knowing how to get involved in a productive manner or because they do not want to play their part. For society to progress, everyone needs to be positive and empowered to make an impactful and sustainable change one problem at a time. Imagine how much better our lives would be if we had the commitment and effort of all citizens in doing the best for their community? This course is a “how to” guide that puts you on the right track to becoming an active citizen. The modules are designed to help you to start a project, work through each element of it and finally complete it and create a portfolio of evidence to prove you made a difference.


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