Operations Management: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate; SABPP CPD Certified

Course code: CERT_ONLINE_OPEMAN, DURATION: 10 Modules / 10 Weeks
Operations Management: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate SABPP CPD Certified

Operations Management is about the running of the entire engine of a business to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness and productivity at the lowest cost. It is responsible for the automation of the administration and production of a business or organisation. It is about the way goods and services are produced. In order to manage a business profitably, it is necessary to have a holistic view of Operations Management and understand the intricate processes utilised to deliver goods and services. Sound operations management leads to all areas of the business operating in sync, providing a standardised high-quality product or service to the customer. Operations management should incorporate the entire supply chain from the first source of raw materials to the end customer. The main objective of operations management is to transform inputs into outputs in line with customer requirements. It is about taking raw materials and, through adding value, transforming them into something that customers would be willing to pay for. As with all management areas, operations management incorporates planning, organising, leading and controlling. In the case of operations, these management principles are applied to the production area and processes of the business.


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