Mitigating Failure in Project Management: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate; SABPP CPD Certified

Course code: CERT_ONLINE_INTROPROMAN, DURATION: 10 Modules / 10 Weeks
Mitigating Failure in Project Management: Online Short Course – Damelin Certificate SABPP CPD Certified

Welcome to Introduction to Project Management online short course. The modules have been designed especially with the aim to give a common understanding in the organisation regarding Project Management nomenclature; bodies of knowledge; execution frameworks and project life span management models; methodologies and organisational design that will help to facilitate effective execution. By the end of the course, you will have the ability to identify causes of failure. As an individual you would have increased levels of competence, be able to recognise that projects are complex systems; recognise that projects require support from a mature parent organisation; focus team attention on eliminating the causes of failure. In all you will be a more effective and efficient project manager.


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